Windows Live Mail-Application Not Found

Go through the post if you’re also getting this error ‘Application Not Found’. Those who have their Yahoo Mail! Account liked to the Windows Live Mail, often face this error. When they try to open the hyperlinks they receive in their mails, they get an error like ‘Application not found’. If you’re facing this error, then don’t worry, there is a solution to this problem as well. Read on to know how to resolve this problem.

Yahoo Support

  • This problem occurs when no default browser is configured to access the links through Windows Mail. So we need to resolve this issue to solve this problem on a whole.
  • Click on Start>Default Programs
  • Select the programs to set them as the default programs.
  • Select the browser you want to open the link with, and then click on ‘Set this program as default’.
  • Save your settings by clicking on ‘Save’.

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