Yahoo Messenger – Configure your Sign Out options

It is important for Yahoo Messenger users who are logged in Yahoo in multiple devices to configure their sign out options. Once they will configure their Sign out options, they will be able to sign out from all logged in devices using only one device.

Yahoo Messenger - Configure your sign out options
They can customize the options and choose option ‘ask every time’ or ‘always sign out here’. This feature is significant in terms of security of your Yahoo messenger account. User who lose their smart phone devices will not have to now worry about the security of their logged in accounts. They can logout of the device from anywhere.

The question is how to configure Sign out option in Yahoo Messenger.  It is easy to configure Yahoo messenger Sign out options. The procedure is given as follows.

  • Login to your Yahoo mail account.
  • Tap on Gear icon>> Messenger.
  • Under Sign out make use of drop down menu to select options.
  • Click on OK.
  • This is all you need to configure your Yahoo Messenger Sign out option.

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